Third Circular

Dear colleagues and friends
of tetrapods that have returned to an aquatic life style during Earth’s history!

We are happy to announce the realization of the next triennial meeting, the 8th International Meeting on the Secondary Adaptation of Tetrapods to Life in Water which will be held in Berlin 2017 (03 April – 08 April 2017), the wonderful capital of Germany. And we welcome you to participate.

This conference series has been established as a stable and meanwhile traditional kind for the scientific society studying all groups of four-limbed, backboned organisms that went back to conquer the aquatic environment, such as ichthyosaurs, sauropterygians, crocodiles, mosasaurs (marine reptiles), hesperornithiforms and penguins (marine birds), and cetaceans, sirenians, pinnipeds (marine mammals).

Although these meetings are usually dominated by palaeontologists, Berlin is open for anyone interested and working in that topic despite of professional background. The goal is bringing together the expertise of scientists, enhancing collaboration, sharing ideas, and support interdisciplinary research including all relevant subjects that can help to answer questions on the study of marine tetrapods, fossil and living ones, like neontology, medicine, physics, physiology.

Oral and poster presentations are welcome.

Two one-day field trips are planned presenting the Marine Triassic of Rüdersdorf (east of Berlin, place of the famous Nothosaurus finds) and the Groß Pampau site (North Germany) containing a rich middle/late Miocene marine mammal fauna.

Seeing you in Berlin,
Oliver Hampe and The Host Committee

P.S. Please note, that in case of a participant’s cancellation we are not able to refund the registration fees after March 10th, 2017 !

Host Committee

Oliver Hampe
Curator of Fossil Mammals and Geology

Daniela Schwarz
Curator of Fossil Reptiles

Thomas Schossleitner
Collection Manager Vertebrate Palaeontology

Manja Voß
PostDoc Marine Mammals

Andreas Abele
PhD Student Palaeoherpetology