Previous Meetings

The starting point was in

france_round_icon_256Poitiers, France 1996

followed by

denmark_round_icon_256 Copenhagen, Denmark 1999
new_zealand_round_icon_256Dunedin, New Zealand 2002
ohio_round_icon_256Akron, Ohio 2005
japan_round_icon_256Tokyo, Japan 2008
california_round_icon_256San Diego, California 2011
WDC_round_icon_256(1)Washington, D.C. 2014
germany_round_icon_256Berlin, Germany 2017

???     2020

Host Committee

Oliver Hampe
Curator of Fossil Mammals and Geology

Daniela Schwarz
Curator of Fossil Reptiles

Thomas Schossleitner
Collection Manager Vertebrate Palaeontology

Manja Voß
PostDoc Marine Mammals

Andreas Abele
PhD Student Palaeoherpetology