Publishing Conference Results

As announced during the conference, we can offer the possibility to publish contributions dealing with our meeting in our open access journal Fossil Record which is the palaeontological journal of our Museum für Naturkunde.

Copernicus Publications and the editorial board of Fossil Record are able to present here an efficient way of publishing in form of a Special Issue. The individual manuscripts will be peer-reviewed as usual and will be published as soon as they are available. The publication date is not delayed by the latest paper that is behind in the peer-review process.

All contributions are efficiently linked and labelled as part of the special issue and coherently presented on a dedicated Special Issue web page. The open access procedure is completely free for all authors and co-authors of our Berlin conference.

Please, send an email to us confirming your willingness until 15 May 2017.

Deadline for submission a manuscript: 30 September 2017

For detailed information to our journal, please click:

Host Committee

Oliver Hampe
Curator of Fossil Mammals and Geology

Daniela Schwarz
Curator of Fossil Reptiles

Thomas Schossleitner
Collection Manager Vertebrate Palaeontology

Manja Voß
PostDoc Marine Mammals

Andreas Abele
PhD Student Palaeoherpetology